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Zero-particle air saves lives…and millions in costs.

Today’s healthcare centers must continuously strive to improve their patient outcomes. With the many challenges hospitals already face, airborne pathogens in the OR shouldn’t be one of them. Yet even the newest conventional laminar airflow found in most ORs uses 30-year old technology that actually delivers dangerous pathogens to the patient during surgery. Where else in the OR are you using 30-year old technology?

As specialists, Precision Air is the only company with the technology to deliver true zero-particle air. If that sounds revolutionary, it is. SurgicAir® Zero is a quantum leap beyond standard laminar air technology.

Think you can't afford zero-particle OR airflow? Think again.

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If you think minimum codes are sufficient,
think again.

It’s not uncommon for hospitals to source their OR airflow systems through cost-driven generalists, none of whom specialize exclusively in OR airflow technology. What could possibly go wrong?

Increased Risk of SSIs

Surgical site infections (SSIs) due to airborne pathogens represent a significant healthcare liability to both patients and hospitals. Why entrust such a critical matter to anyone but a specialist?

Construction Delays

Today’s ORs have never been more complex and involve endless variables. Building a state-of-the-art airflow system requires more than a standard generalist approach.

Unhappy Surgical Teams

Both patients and surgical teams need to be safe and comfortable, but minimum compliant airflow can’t provide the advanced controls needed for rapid, stable air temps.

Outdated Technology

It’s not uncommon for new construction to utilize OR airflow technology that is over 30 years old. Just because it’s “new” doesn’t make it effective.

Poor Craftsmanship

A purely cost-driven approach leads to short-cuts in both fabrication and installation, resulting in poor performance and higher maintenance.


Meeting or exceeding compliance takes an entire team, all of whom must be fluent with complex code requirements. All it takes is one weak link to compromise a project’s integrity.


$6.75 Billion

Est. Annual Cost of SSIs in U.S.

SSIs are the most common and costly of all hospital-acquired infections.


Annual U.S. SSI cases

SSIs occur in an estimated 2-5% of all patients undergoing inpatient surgery.


Average SSI Case Cost

On average, one SSI increases the hospital length of stay by over 9 days.


The OR is a place for highly trained specialists. Shouldn’t its airflow be entrusted to one?

With almost 50 years of experience in OR airflow solutions, including over 10,000+ installs, we’ve learned a few things. We know, for example, that almost anyone can deliver systems that meet minimum code. But today’s ORs are driven by cost and consequences, and that’s where Precision Air comes in. We elevate OR airflow systems to what should be center-of-excellence standards.

If you’re a hospital that aspires to lower SSI rates, higher patient protections, happier surgical teams, and more profitable ORs, we can help.

If you’re part of an OR construction or development team, we’re built to add value to the entire design/build cycle.