SurgicAir® products are your best defense against dangerous SSIs.

With over 10,000 installations we like to say we’ve seen it all, because we have. As the only airflow provider that focuses exclusively on the O.R., there isn’t a hospital scenario our engineering team can’t accommodate. Just tell us your application and we’ll take it from there, from custom design and engineering to installation oversight.

A quantum leap in O.R. airflow quality, SurgicAir® Zero is the first and only zero-particle O.R. airflow system. (Formerly  LifeSuite)


Our most flexible and simple system, SurgicAir® Flex forms the base of all our products with a robust modular solution for precise airflow and patient protection. (Formerly Lami-Air)


SurgicAir® Plenum is an above ceiling supply air plenum handling the final distribution to our entire airflow system while freeing up valuable space and design time. (Formerly Lami-Air PL)


SurgicAir® Track is a specialized system for seamlessly integrating ceiling mounted imaging equipment with a precise airflow system. (Formerly Lami-Air EQ)


Diffusers &

For other critical environment applications where the highest quality laminar airflow is required (such as pharmacies and cleanrooms), we offer a range of individual components.