One trusted specialist combines research, engineering and construction expertise.

It takes a skilled, interdisciplinary team to implement a game-changing OR airflow solution. Getting this entire team on the same page can be a daunting challenge, from the C-suite to architects, engineers, infection control, OR planners and construction contractors.

Precision Air brings it all together through its research-based technology, vision, and hard-earned expertise. As specialists, we partner with all your teams, adding tangible value at every step, from vision to reality. 

We make all your teams better.

Owners & Executives

Better performance, higher ROI, lower SSI rates, happier teams. Only an OR airflow specialist can deliver all four.

Medical Teams

It’s all about safer patients. From surgical teams to infection control, we speak your language. When it’s done right, everyone wins.

Engineering & Design

Our collaborations with your design team assure smarter engineering, smoother workflow,  and optimized aesthetics.


Contractors love us because our products and expert engineers assure faster, easier, hassle-free construction.

zero-particle airflow At the patient.

No one else can promise you that.

About Precision Air

Precision Air is the only U.S. healthcare company specializing in improving surgical patient outcomes through customized, zero-particle OR airflow solutions. Since 1974, our research-based philosophy has been built upon the idea that patients and surgical teams deserve the safest, most comfortable environments that technology can provide. By placing a strong emphasis on custom innovation and ROI for our customers, hospitals all over the world are enjoying the value-added benefits that only a specialist like Precision Air can provide.