Why Architects Love Us

Our expertise in OR ceilings makes your life a lot easier, your designs will be better, and your clients will be happier.

A well-designed operating room can significantly improve patient outcomes, but good traffic flow and easy cleaning surfaces are wasted when airborne contaminants still reach the patient. With us on your team, your designs are backed by the first and only zero-particle airflow system, real operating room data, and a team of coordination experts to pull it all together. Now you can have complete control over the environment of care and introduce a new meaning for state-of-the-art facilities.

Create a sterile environment of care

Designing a room with minimal hard-to-clean crevices is a start, but the operating room airflow system is the only thing keeping stirred up contaminants from reaching the patient during surgery. With SurgicAir Zero you can achieve zero airborne particles at the patient even during peak OR traffic, a promise that many “state-of-the-art” OR’s can’t get anywhere near.

Get the little things right

Between booms, hybrid equipment, and everything above the ceiling, we understand that coordination is often a matter of fractions-of-an-inch. Precision Air’s designers integrate all this equipment into an OR ceiling system every day and can catch conflicts for you well before construction begins.

Know your impact

A code-compliant boom and laminar diffuser layout can still allow 100% of airborne contaminants in the room to reach the patient. With our design advice from thousands of OR particle tests you can create a much cleaner sterile field without even touching the budget. We’ll show you exactly how to give each OR the appropriate level of patient protection.

Why Work with us:

  • Direct access to your dedicated Application Engineer
  • 48-hour design turnaround
  • Fully coordinated plans around any ceiling equipment
  • Flexible and customized components
  • Proactive prevention of trade conflicts
  • Demonstrable clinical benefits
  • Single-day installations
  • Code compliance expertise
  • The first and only zero-particle patient protection technology

Why try to be an expert in OR ceiling design when we can do it for you?

We have had a 20 year relationship with Precision Air because their expertise in predesign and integration of complex medical equipment and mechanical systems enables our design team in coordinating the optimal ceiling solution for complicated projects.

– HDR Chicago


Just a few of the satisfied architects we work with

About Precision Air

Precision Air is the only U.S. healthcare company specializing in improving surgical patient outcomes through customized, zero-particle OR airflow solutions. Since 1974, our research-based philosophy has been built upon the idea that patients and surgical teams deserve the safest, most comfortable environments that technology can provide. By placing a strong emphasis on custom innovation and ROI for our customers, hospitals all over the world are enjoying the value-added benefits that only a specialist like Precision Air can provide.