Study finds high-volume OR airflow can reduce revisions due to infections by 20% compared to low volume airflow systems

The air in the OR is considered a risk factor for surgical site infection (SSI) due to airborne bacteria shed from the surgical staff or from patients themselves. Not all airflow systems are alike, however.

A recent study in the The Journal of Hospital Infection validates the efficacy of the technology found in the SurgicAir® Zero System, the only system that has achieved ISO Class 3 cleanliness at the patient in an active room.

“Considering that unidirectional (UDF) systems can create lower particle and microbial load than conventional systems, our findings support the use of high-volume UDF systems for all ultraclean surgery in the future.” 


The Journal of Hospital Infection, June 2020


Conventional Laminar Airflow

• 10,000+ particles per cubic meter near the patient

• Little or no temperature control

• High energy consumption 


The SurgicAir Zero System

• Zero airborne contaminants at the patient

• Precise, rapid temperature control for patient and staff

• Uses less energy than conventional systems

Takeaways from this study:

1. Conventional laminar flow (unidirectional flow) typically delivers low-volume airflow, which is proven to be ineffective.

2. Low volume airflow does not protect the patient from air contaminants. Typically, at least 10,000 particles per cubic meter are present around the patient.

3. High volume airflow technology can reduce costly revisions caused by surgical site infection by 20%. These costs include: loss of revenue, reputation, and patient quality of life. 

4. Not all high-volume systems are alike. Precision Air specializes in high volume OR airflow with its proprietary SurgicAir Zero technology. 

• The SurgicAir Zero system is the only technology that has achieved ISO Class 3 cleanliness at the patient

• The SurgicAir Zero system is the first and only system that delivers zero-particle air at the patient

• The SurgicAir Zero system is high-volume airflow perfected, delivering high-volume zero-particle air, unmatched temperature and comfort control for the patient and staff, and superior energy-saving technology. 

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Precision Air is the only U.S. healthcare company specializing in improving surgical patient outcomes through customized, zero-particle OR airflow solutions. Since 1974, our research-based philosophy has been built upon the idea that patients and surgical teams deserve the safest, most comfortable environments that technology can provide. By placing a strong emphasis on custom innovation and ROI for our customers, hospitals all over the world are enjoying the value-added benefits that only a specialist like Precision Air can provide.