Do the math.

Zero-particle air saves lives…and millions in costs associated with dangerous surgical site infections (SSIs).

This calculator is a fast, easy way to better understand the financial impact of SSIs. None of the data you input is saved, stored or cached anywhere. You’re the only one who sees what is input here and when you close the window, it’s gone. So experiment freely.

Do you find these numbers hard to believe?

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The Human Equation

The effects of SSIs extend far beyond the patient. Consider that just one infection may involve dozens of additional healthcare professionals while also burdening family and friends. Infections involve real people and can lead to serious, sometimes dire consequences.

SSI Effects on Hospitals

Higher readmission rates

Staff stress & lower morale

Jeopardized hospital reputations

Lowered health outcomes

SSI Effects on Patients

Patient suffering and death

Higher medical bills

Stress on family and friends

Longer hospital stays and unemployment