Are You Tired of O.R. Ceiling Construction Turf Wars?

Building an O.R. ceiling involves more trades than just about any other part of a hospital’s construction, and it all occurs in a tightly-packed space. That’s why conflicts between trades are all too common. When this happens, quality suffers, costs go up, and the timeline is out the window.

There’s a Better Way.

With over 50 years of OR airflow design and construction experience, we’ve seen it all. Our expert engineers complement your project management by providing a comprehensive road map before construction begins, helping you avoid costly chaos.

Leveraging our cross-discipline construction expertise makes your life a lot less stressful.

About Precision Air

Precision Air is the only U.S. healthcare company specializing in improving surgical patient outcomes through customized, zero-particle OR airflow solutions. Since 1974, our research-based philosophy has been built upon the idea that patients and surgical teams deserve the safest, most comfortable environments that technology can provide. By placing a strong emphasis on custom innovation and ROI for our customers, hospitals all over the world are enjoying the value-added benefits that only a specialist like Precision Air can provide.