Take a complicated ceiling, suspend million-dollar equipment from it, and then ask it to meet FGI guidelines for proper laminar airflow coverage. If you want to do all that and make it easy to install, then the SurgicAir® Track system was made for you.

The SurgicAir® Track system is an integrated ceiling airflow system for ORs with imaging equipment suspended from ceiling mounted rails above the surgical patient. A self-leveling design ensures perfect alignment without having to rely on craftsmanship in the field.  Each system is customized for this demanding application and includes custom, pre-welded, single-assembly framing sections, standard or HEPA filtered laminar flow diffusers, fill-in panels, framed openings for light fixtures, and access panels. SurgicAir® Track is a functional, compliant ceiling airflow system with unmatched, best-in-class fit & finish.

The SurgicAir® Track System

SurgicAir® Track Advantages

  • Self-leveling design reduces reliance on craftsmanship in the field and eliminates tedious labor around ceiling mounted equipment.
  • Unmatched expertise in integrating with complicated and sensitive medical imaging equipment.
  • Direct, rapid-response engineering and collaboration. No time consuming middle-men.
  • Superior fit and finish. No one delivers aesthetics like Precision Air.
  • Design and airflow performance that raises the standard of patient protection.

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About Precision Air

Precision Air is the only U.S. healthcare company specializing in improving surgical patient outcomes through customized, zero-particle OR airflow solutions. Since 1974, our research-based philosophy has been built upon the idea that patients and surgical teams deserve the safest, most comfortable environments that technology can provide. By placing a strong emphasis on custom innovation and ROI for our customers, hospitals all over the world are enjoying the value-added benefits that only a specialist like Precision Air can provide.